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OUR GOAL: Our customers can expect to be greeted courteously, with respect, a prompt offer of assistance and a can-do attitude.

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Current Conditions

Public Data Request Procedures

City of Prior Lake Copy Policy

Established Jan. 7, 1999

$.25 per copy.

There is no charge for copies up to 10 pages if:

1. You reside within the corporate City limits of Prior Lake,

2. You are a Prior Lake business requesting the information for your own use,
3. Copy produced utilizes a standard paper size (81/2”x11”, legal or 11”x17”),

4. Information to be copied must be routine and readily available. Additional charges for staff time may accrue for data not readily available.

The Data Practices Act (MN. Stat. Section 13.03, subd. 2(b)) presumes that all government data are public unless a state or federal law says the data are not public. Government data is a term that means all recorded information a government entity has, including paper, email, CD-ROMS, photographs, etc.

The Data Practices Act also provides that the City must keep all government data in a way that makes it easy for you, as a member of the public, to access. You have the right to look at (inspect) all public data that we keep free of charge. You also have the right to get copies of public data, but the Data Practices Act does allow the City to charge for copies. You may inspect the data before deciding to request copies. The City’s Copy Policy is provided in the table above, and the City’s Data Practices Policy is available upon request or in the Document Center.


How to Make a Data Request

In general, to look at data or request copies of data that the City keeps, your request must be in writing, and submitted by mail, in person or by email. If, however, the information requested is readily available in the City’s Document Center, staff may provide the information without a written request.

Your written request should include:

   • A statement that you are making a request for data pursuant to the MN Government Data Practices Act; and

   • A clear description of the data you would like; and

   • Indicate the manner in which you would like to view the data (i.e. electronic, in person, paper copies).

The City cannot require you to identify yourself or explain the reason for your data request. However, depending on how you want us to process your request, we may need some information about you. Please keep in mind that if we do not understand your request and have no way to contact you, we will not be able to process your request.

Written requests should be directed to: Assistant City Manager Jane Kansier, Prior Lake City Hall, 4646 Dakota Street SE, Prior Lake, MN 55372.


How We Respond to a Data Request

Upon receiving your written request, we will work to process it as quickly as possible. If we do not have the data requested, or the data is not public, we will notify you in writing (assuming you have supplied contact information) as soon as reasonably possible and state which specific law classifies the data as non-public. If you do not understand some of the data (technical terminology, abbreviations or acronyms), we will provide an explanation if you ask.

The Data Practices Act does not require us to answer questions that are not requests for data.


Summary data are statistical records or reports that are prepared by removing all identifiers from private or confidential data on individuals. The City will prepare summary data if requested in writing. You will be required to pay the staff costs for creating the summary data.

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