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OUR GOAL: Our customers can expect to be greeted courteously, with respect, a prompt offer of assistance and a can-do attitude.

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Current Conditions

Utility Billing Rates Per Billing Cycle
Water Rate: 

$3.65 / 1,000 gals. (first 25,000 gals.)

$5.03 / 1,000 gals.

(over 25,000 gals)

City Sewer :  
$1.96 / 1,000 gals.
MCES Sewer:
$2.11 / 1,000 gals.
Capital Facility Charge:  
$10 / billing cycle
Storm Water Charge:

$13.25 (residential)
/ $39.75 acre

The Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES) annual operating budget plans for the resources necessary to support its two core functions: wastewater collection and treatment and water resource planning.

If you have questions about your Prior Lake sewer bill, call Prior Lake Utility Billing at (952) 447-9843 or (952) 447-9844

For MCES costs and revenues, call Jason Willett at (651) 602-1196; for Municipal flow information call Kyle Colvin at (651) 602-1151.

Utilities and Billing

Pay online buttonAmount Due button
- Paying by checking or savings is FREE
- A fee applies to credit or debit card payments
Payment types
Click the Pay Online Now Button above. The first time you will register; after that, payments are an easy three-step process.

Download "PSN Payments" from the App Store® or Google Play™. TIP: Go online the first time to create your payer profile and password.

Call toll-free (877) 885-7968. Make sure to have your bill handy to provide your customer account number.

Send a check to Utility Billing, 4646 Dakota St. SE., Prior Lake, MN 55372

Click here to view your bill or balance due. You need to register for the first time to view your bill and receive notification when your bills are ready. After you register, you will receive electronic bills going forward.
NOTE: Help us save money and resources by opting out of receiving paper bills.

If you need assistance with viewing your bills or paying online, call PSN at (866) 917-7368. If you have questions on the amount of your bill or need services, call Utility Billing at (952) 447-9843 or (952) 447-9844.

PSN logoWe use Payment Services Network to process payments and post bills. PSN has been certified as maintaining the highest level of security as required by the credit card industry.

Now you can pay your utility bill from your checking account automatically - no checks to write, no stamps to buy, and no late payments. It's free, fast, easy to do, and hassle free.

How do I sign up?
It's easy. Simply complete and return the authorization form with a voided check.

How soon will the Automatic Payment Plan start?
We bill every other month (even months only) so if you return the authorization with your current payment, it would be effective on your next billing. Please continue to pay your bill as usual until the message "AUTO. PAID - DO NOT PAY" appears on the bottom of your bill.

If I don't sign up right now, will I be able to enroll later?
Yes. Simply call us at (952) 447-9843, and we will send you an authorization form (or download the .pdf file here). Mail the completed form with a voided check to: City of Prior Lake, Attention: Utility Billing, 4646 Dakota St. SE., Prior Lake, MN 55372.

How can I be sure my bill has been paid?
Your monthly bank statement will clearly reflect the automatic payment, and your next bill will not have a previous balance on it.

What if I have a question about my bill?
Simply call Utility Billing at (952) 447-9843 or (952) 447-9844.

Is there a charge for this service?
No. The city does not charge you for automatic payments, and you enjoy the savings of no postage to mail your bills.

What if I change banks or accounts?

Just call us at (952) 447-9843 or (952) 447-9844 and we will send you a new authorization form to complete.

In 2011, the City Council decided to implement incremental increases in the utility rates each year to reflect inflationary pressures on materials, supplies, utilities and personnel; to provide funding necessary to complete capital improvements planned as part of the annual Capital Improvement Program; and to maintain a targeted level of reserves for cash flow and emergency purposes.

Prior to 2012, the most recent change in water and sewer rates occurred seven years ago in 2005.

Utility revenues are the primary funding source for maintaining and replacing over 100 miles each of water and sewer lines, seven wells, two water towers, a booster station, a pressure reducing station, a ground reservoir, and 43 sanitary sewer lift stations to assure dependability. Sewer rate increases are largely dependent by the fee charged by the Metropolitan Council to treat the City's sewer which is over 50% of the City’s cost. Storm water fee increases reflect the fact that the City is engaged in an aggressive effort to maintain the storm water system.The rates also provide the City with additional improvements like the Water Treatment Facility which removes iron and manganese from the water system and eliminates brown water.

Call Utility Billing at (952) 447-9843 or (952) 447-9844 with any questions you may have regarding related questions or email

Looking for financial assistance?

CAP Agency: (952) 496-2125
Scott County Human Services: (952) 445-7751


The City of Prior Lake website features a Water Bill Clarification Web Page dedicated to explaining each detail of your bimonthly city water bill. The page features a mock water bill representative of those received by residents and commercial property owners in the City of Prior Lake.



Summer rate break for sewer
The charge for sewer usage for each billing cycle for bills issued in June, August, October and December (actual usage March 21 through November 20) shall not exceed one hundred and fifty percent (150%) of the average charge for sewer usage for the bills issued in February and April (actual usage November 21 through March 20). The purpose of this sewer break is to provide consideration for lawn and garden sprinkling and other related outside water consumption, which does not flow into the sanitary sewer system.

Call Utility Billing at (952) 447-9843 or (952) 447-9844 with any questions you may have or email

Bulk Water
Click here to download the Bulk Water Meter Rental Application.


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Utility Company Links/Numbers


Minnesota Valley Electric Co. (MVEC): (952) 492-2313

Xcel Energy:

(800) 895-4999

Shakopee Public Utilities

(952) 445-1988


Centerpoint Energy:
(612) 372-4720


City of Prior Lake:

(952) 447-9843 or  

(952) 447-9844

Cable and Phone:

Integra Telecom:

(952) 226-7000 


(800) 332-0245
Century Link:

Refuse Haulers

Allied Waste Services
   (952) 941-5174

Buckingham Disposal
   (952) 226-6441
Dick's Sanitation
   (952) 469-2239

Waste Management
   (952) 890-1100

Suburban Waste Services
   (952) 937-8900

Vintage Waste Systems

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