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Current Conditions

Prior Lake Fire Department

For Emergencies call 911

For other information, call (952) 440-3473,

fax (952) 440-3460.

Main office:

Fire Station No. 1, 16776 Fish Point Rd. SE

Satellite station (right): Fire Station No. 2, 3906 Station Place NW

When you need them most, the 41 members of the Prior Lake Fire Department are there for you, providing emergency disaster management and planning, fire suppression, rescue, prevention, code enforcement, and public education under the leadership of full time Fire Chief Doug Hartman.

They are the quiet leaders of this community, holding regular jobs and striving to strike a balance between the demands of work and home. And when their pager sounds - at an average of about once per day - they stop whatever they are doing, rush to the fire station, put on their gear and hurry to the scene of a fire or traffic accident.

Click here for a brochure on volunteering for the Prior Lake Fire Department.




CALL LOAD: the PLFD responds to an average of one call per day.

PAY: Unlike some cities, Prior Lake doesn’t have full-time firefighters. Officers are paid on-call for only the hours they work -- and at a nominal rate of $11.50 for fires and traininng.

Fire Department Facts:

Firefighters serve on a paid, on-call basis, which means they are paid only for the time they put in. Only Chief Hartman is a full-time paid member of the department. None of the other 40 members are full-time. All hold regular jobs. And yet the department maintains some of the best response times in the metro, rivaling those of other communities that have full-time firefighters and serve populations (40,000 including townships) of comparable size.

To staff a fire department of 41 full-time firefighters would cost the city more than $3 million. By having paid, on-call firefighters, the City of Prior Lake expects to pay out just over $860,000.

Given the 24/7 disruptions to their personal and professional lives and their hourly rates of $11.50 per hour, firefighters aren't in it for the money.

The Prior Lake Fire Department was organized in 1929 and was recognized by the city at that time as a department. Prior to that, in 1916, the city bought its first chemical wagon and fires were fought with a baking soda mixture that was pumped onto fires. When fires broke, everyone grabbed a bucket and pitched in..."

(Prior Lake American, June 13, 1998, page 1)

When is a fire regulated by permit?

The Minnesota State Fire Code (MSFC) identifies a recreational fire as 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet in height. Any fire larger than this is regulated by permit. The only materials permitted in a recreational fire are wood from trees, small branches, brush or charcoal. Treated lumber materials, construction debris, garbage, plastics, furniture or other waste materials are not allowed to be burned in recreational fires. They must be at least 25 feet from all buildings or combustible materials and  must be attended at all times. You also must have an approved fire extinguisher on site.

Click for Burning Permit Information

You can access the MSFC through the State Fire Marshalls web site at to see all the regulations relating to recreational fires.

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Douglas Hartman

Fire Chief

James W. Kline

Assistant Chief/Operations
Fire Station 2

Jim Ruzicka

Assistant Chief/Training

Kurt Chelgren

Assistant Chief/Operations
Fire Station 1

Joe Zieska


Mike Kilanowski

Randy Prekker


Joe Machal

Justin Gibbish
Shane Bachmann
Terry Barta
Jeremy Beck
Chris Blade
Scott Burfeind
Dale Chard
Pete Duffy
Tyler Fink
Mark Friedrich
Tony Hennen
Chris James
Tom Joachim
Rick Kathan
Kevin Kleist
Ben Kraus
Jarod Kruse
Ken Lofald
Mack McLarty
Doug Nelson
John Pagano
Russ Saatoff
Kate Schommer-Yurko
Lawrence Schommer
Dan Seery
Nikki Solie
Kurt Sowieja
Neil Truso
Michael Wiskow
Andy Wolfram
Paul Yttreness
Robert Yurko
Eric Zimmerman
Greg Zuspann

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