City of Prior Lake, MN
City of Prior Lake, MN

Chickens and Honey Bees Allowed in Prior Lake

The City Council adopted an ordinance that will allow backyard chickens and honey bees to be kept in the A: Agricultural, R-S: Rural-Subdivision and R-1: Low Density Residential use districts. After lengthy research, discussion and a public hearing, the Planning Commission voted to recommend approval to the City Council.

Highlights of the ordinance regulating chickens include a maximum of four chickens, female only (no roosters) and of a specific species. Chickens shall be confined to a coop or exercise yard in the rear yard and there must be a 50-foot setback from the coop or exercise yard to adjacent residential structures and 10 feet from any lot line. Coops shall maintain a minimum setback of 15 feet from any lake, pond, river, creek, stream or wetland and screening of the coop is required. Slaughtering of chickens is not allowed.

Honey Bees will be limited to a specific common honey bee species with hives being allowed only in the rear yard. Hives shall be a minimum of 50 feet from any residential structure on an adjacent lot and 10 feet from any lot line.  Hives placed within 25 feet of a lot line also require a flyway barrier. Colonies are limited to a maximum of two per lot in the R-1: Low Density Residential use district. Read the full report or call 952-447-9810 for more information.

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