City of Prior Lake, MN
City of Prior Lake, MN

Traffic Signal Improvements for Boudin/TH13

The CH 42/TH 13 intersection improvement project is well under way which will include the closure of Commerce Avenue at CH 42. With this closure, the City anticipates the volume of traffic utilizing the Boudin Street/TH 13 intersection will increase.

This increase makes it important to modify the existing signal system at the intersection to provide a dedicated left turn arrow. The dedicated left turn arrow will facilitate more vehicles per cycle exiting Boudin onto northbound TH 13.

The City felt it was important to get this project done now for two reasons. The County recently informed the City that there will be full closures during the CH 42/TH 13 project that were not in the original construction staging plans.

Also, the City will be able to use the contractor already hired by the County. This will save the City time and money by avoiding having to complete a standalone construction bid package and obtaining bids as a separate package. The County will be obtaining a quote from their contractor which will be brought back to the City Council for final approval.

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