City of Prior Lake, MN
City of Prior Lake, MN

Memorial Day Parade Route and Location Changed

The VFW is planning to dedicate a bronze statue of “The Vietnam era missing man”. The dedication will appropriately be held at Memorial Park during our City’s traditional Memorial Day Service. In addition to changing the Memorial Service location from Twin Oaks Middle School to Memorial Park, the parade route has also been changed. 

The upcoming construction changes to Main and Eagle Creek Ave. (County Rd. 21) along with avoiding crossing State Highway 13 for safety reasons dictates for 2018 that we will start the parade in the parking lot of Twin Oaks Middle School. The route will proceed west on 160th Street (County Rd. 44) ending at Memorial Park. There should be ample parking at Hidden Oaks Middle School, Westwood Elementary School, Grainwood Elementary and Memorial Park for viewing the parade along 160th Street and attending the service at Memorial Park.
Of course, all of this is reliant on suitable weather.

Events for May 28
• Parade starting at 9:00 AM
   Twin Oaks Middle School west to Memorial Park, viewing along 160th Street
• Memorial Day Service and Dedication starting at 9:45 AM

All events this year will be in Memorial Park
Please direct all questions to:
Ed Speiker

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