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OUR GOAL: Our customers can expect to be greeted courteously, with respect, a prompt offer of assistance and a can-do attitude.

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Current Conditions

Boating and Dock Information

There are two accesses on Prior Lake available for public use:

Sand Point Beach at

14377 Crest Ave. NE

DeWitte Ave.

16800 Dewitte Ave. SW

Each public access is owned and operated by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and has a limited number of public trailer parking spots. Please be aware that many city streets surrounding the access have limited street parking available, and in some cases trailer parking is limited. Plan ahead on busy summer weekends.


invasive decalInvasive species hitch rides on boats and trailers. Make sure you abide by Minnesota law by draining all water from the boat and clean all aquatic plants or zebra mussels from your boat before leaving the public access. Lake service providers are now required to be trained and licensed by the State of Minnesota. If you contract for dock installation or boat storage and winterization, hire a licensed lake service provider. A list can be found at the DNR links below. If you plan to sell a dock or boat lift, or buy a used one, contract with a licensed lake service provider. These service providers have the training and equipment to transport a zebra mussel-encrusted structure offsite for decontamination.

Lake Service Provider Training and Permit
List of Permitted Service Providers

Zebra mussels can cause serious damage to boat motors and irrigation pumps by blocking water intakes. Regularly inspect equipment to ensure it is free flowing.
For more information on lake access, rules, regulations, and invasive species, please contact the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MnDNR) at (651) 259-5740, or review the web links below.

Popular DNR Downloads & Links

Shoreline Brochures
Guide to Buying Shoreline
Aquatic Plant Management
Aquatic Invasive Species Index
Lake Service Provider Training and Permit

For more information about boat and water safety, visit the Department of Natural Resources webpage here.


This policy clarifies language published in DNR documents and guides the size, location and use of single docks or mooring areas located on individual riparian lots on Prior Lake and on the portion of Spring Lake within Prior Lake city limits.

Click here to see the Policy Guiding the Placement of Personal Docks.

Seasonal Docks and Floating Structures Must:

  • be removed from water on a seasonal basis (before winter freeze-up),
  • have components which are removable from the lake or streambed by non-mechanical means,
  • not be a hazard to navigation or endanger public health and safety,
  • not be placed where site is a posted fish spawning area,
  • not include fuel handling or sewage facilities,
  • not be used or intended to be used for human habitation, as a boathouse or as a marina,
  • allow for free flow of water beneath it.

NOTE: Temporary structures which do not extend from the shore such as swim rafts, slalom courses, ski jumps or buoys of any kind may not be placed in state waters between sunset and sunrise without a permit from the Scott County Sheriff. Structures not left in the water overnight must be placed so that they do not create a hazard on the water body or obstruct navigation. Contact the Scott County Sheriff's Department for permit information at (952) 496-8300.

For additional information, visit the DNR website on boating and water safety or call (651) 296-6157.

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