City of Prior Lake, MN
City of Prior Lake, MN

2040 Vision and Strategic Plan


Administration Department
Prior Lake City Hall (upper level)
4646 Dakota St. SE
Assistant City Manager
Lori Olson
(952) 447-9802

Vision and Strategic Plans

> 2018 Update
> 2014 Update

2017 Survey Results

> Overview
> Parks and Recreation
> City Services
> Public Safety
> Community Development

The City of Prior Lake’s 2040 Vision and Strategic Plan is the road map for the future and tells us how we’ll get there. The components of the plan were developed through robust citizen engagement, including a community survey, to ensure resident input on city priorities.

Why do a strategic plan?
Strategic planning is important because it helps city leaders plan for the future, informs city priorities and determines the allocation of resources. The vision statement is intended to be aspirational, inspirational, and long-term. The goal areas are purposefully broad to tell us where the city should focus its energy. The objectives are more concrete and define generally what we will do. Neither should change very often to ensure a long-term focus. City departments are developing tactics that are specific and measurable to achieve the vision and goals. The idea is to turn these tactics into yearly work plans that will be reported in an annual report to keep the city on task and accountable. All the city’s work and daily activities should be reflected in this plan and contribute toward the vision.

The City of Prior Lake conducts a community survey to gauge resident satisfaction with city services and to help establish city priorities. The survey responses provide insight into what residents view as the city’s strengths and opportunities for improvement, and they help the city evaluate service delivery and plan for the future. The most recent community survey, a telephone survey of a representative sample from 400 residents, was conducted in 2017. The survey contained a broad range of questions, including quality of life, priorities for city government, and ratings of city services. Prior Lake residents continue to give high ratings to the quality of life in the community with 96% of respondents stating that the quality of life here is good or excellent.