City of Prior Lake, MN
City of Prior Lake, MN

Code Enforcement


Prior Lake City Hall (lower level)
4646 Dakota St. SE
Prior Lake, MN 55372


Code Enforcement Officer
Dale Stefanisko
  (952) 447-9811

Code enforcement guide coverA code violation is the use of any land – including vacant properties and buildings – that is contrary to the provisions of Prior Lake City Code. Once a complaint is received, the City’s Code Enforcement Officer logs the information in a database. The complaints are ranked according to priority, with health and safety issues taking precedence over violations that do not pose an immediate health or safety risk.

The Enforcement Officer will conduct a site visit and generally, if a violation is confirmed, a notice given to the responsible party. In most cases, the Code Enforcement Officer will give the responsible party a deadline to abate all violations on the site. This deadline will vary according to the number and type of violation(s) on site.

For more information, click the city's Good Neighbor Guide to Code Compliance brochure.

Click here for the City's Code Enforcement Policy. The full City Code can be accessed through the Document Center, the blue button link at the top left of this and every page of this website.

Below is some information regarding some common code violations. For a complete list of the Zoning Ordinance please visit the Document Center.

Common Ordinances
Property Maintenance Storage of Vehicles in Yard
Garbage and Refuse Containers Pet Nuisance
Building without a Proper Permit Junk and Junk Vehicle Storage
Recreational Equipment Storage Public Nusiance
Winter Sidewalk Maintenance Commercial Use in Residential Area
Temporary Sign Policy Business Signage
Traffic Visibility/Right of Way Short Term Housing Rental      
Residential Fences       

Short Term Rentals

The City of Prior Lake requires an approved Short Term Rental Permit prior to the rental or lease of a dwelling unit in whole or in part for 30 days or less.  All licenses are issued for a period of one (1) year for a fee of $205*.  The license period is from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31.  Renewal of a permit is required 60 days prior to the expiration date of the permit.
*Operating with an expired permit or no permit will result in additional fees. Please read the Short Term Rental Code for current information.

Short Term Rental Properties
2825 Spring Lake Rd 15820 Artic Cir
2977 Spring Lake Rd S.W. 14120 Shady Beach Trail N.E.
4313 Grainwood Circle N.E. 15809 Islandview Rd NW
5325 Shore Trail N.E. 6710 Rustic Rd S.E.
3600 Lone Tree Island Circle

For more information or to file a complaint, contact Code Enforcement Officer Dale Stefanisko at (952) 447-9811.