City of Prior Lake, MN
City of Prior Lake, MN

Drinking Water Supply


Prior Lake City Hall (lower level)
Dakota St. SE
Prior Lake, MN 55372


Water Foreman
Andy Stephes
  (952) 447-9894

After Hours Emergency
  (952) 445-1411


Prior Lake Water Treatment and Storage Facility
16335 Itasca Ave. S.E.
Prior Lake, MN 55372


The City maintains this Archive of its drinking water reports:
'19 Drinking Water Report

Water Tower

The City of Prior Lake operates seven wells. Six wells go to the treatment plant and the seventh well is used during peak summer production periods.

Three aquifers exist in Prior Lake: the Jordan, the Franconia Ironton Galesville (FIG) and the Mt. Simon. Five of the City's the wells pump from the Jordan and are between 345 and 372 feet deep; two pump from the FIG which is 630 feet below ground. The City's daily maximum is 7.5 Million Gallons per Day (MGD).

This program helps to protect areas near City wells where surface water and pollutants can eventually reach the City's water supply. Read this Wellhead Protection Newsletter for more information.
Get your lawn tested before fertilizing. Mail-in soil tests are available at the University of Minnesota Soil Testing Laboratory. Click here to use this soil sample information sheet.

Well Owner’s Handbook
Understanding Your Septic System
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Alternatives to Household Cleaners
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Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Minnesota Department of Health
Prior Lake Water Resources Information

The City of Prior Lake not only tests the water for regulated contaminants, it also monitors for parameters important to water quality. Use the following information when selecting and adjusting home treatment systems:
pH: 7.2
Total Hardness: 330 ppm 19.3 grains/gal
Calcium: 150 ppm 12.3 grains/gal
Magnesium: 120 ppm 7.0 grains/gal


The City of Prior Lake generally flushes hydrants in the spring starting with the east of Upper and Lower Prior Lake and east of Spring Lake, including service areas in Spring Lake Township. Flushing takes place west of Upper and Lower Prior Lake about two weeks later.

During this period, run cold water and make sure it is clear before washing clothes. It is possible to experience yellow or brown water at times other than scheduled flushing because of demand.

Hydrant flushing is necessary to purge the distribution system of small mineral deposits like iron and manganese and allows maintenance personnel to identify hydrants and valves in need of repair. For more information, call (952) 447-9896.

If your home or business is experiencing brown water – the water is safe – however, the City suggests that you try to minimize usage and call the City at (952) 447-9896.

For stained dishes, clothing, tubs, fixtures or other items caused by brown water, you can request a stain-removing product from the city. This product is available through the Prior Lake Public Works Department by calling (952) 447- 9896.

In the long-term, the City of Prior Lake Water Treatment Facility removes the iron and manganese responsible for brown water. It is expected the vast majority of brown water problems in the city will be minimized and substantially diminished over time as built-up iron and manganese is flushed from the underground water distribution system.

To combat brown water , use as little water as possible and run the cold spigot at the utility tub to clear water.

Peak season for watermain breaks is early winter as frost infiltrates the ground and spring as it dissipates. The majority of watermain breaks occur with cast iron pipe from the mid- to late-1970s due to soil/ground movement from frost or other factors. Also, areas with more acidic soils tend to have a higher break frequency as the 1970s - 80s pipe fittings and bolts were not coated and resistant to degradation.

A fully-automated bulk water fill station is located on the Maintenance Facility grounds. Contractors need a prepaid card to purchase water from the City. To purchase a card, contact the Public Works Department at (952) 447-9896. Click here for a map of the facility.

  1. Bulk water rate: $5 per 1,000 gallons
  2. A $5 deposit for the prepaid card is required
  3. Put any dollar amount on the card (cash or check only, no credit cards accepted)
  4. The fill station is always open, including weekends
  5. Must provide a fill hose which can connect to a 2.5” hydrant
  6. All trucks need to be inspected for an air gap.