City of Prior Lake, MN
City of Prior Lake, MN

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Prior Lake City Hall (administration)
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Ken HedbergTo keep residents informed about city affairs, Mayor Ken Hedberg writes columns for the official city newspaper, The Prior Lake American and the City's Wavelength newsletter. The Wavelength publication is made available in the city's residential utility bill, at City Hall displays or numerous city information displays around Prior Lake.

Below is an archive of Mayor Hedberg's articles including the month of publication. Future columns are posted as they become available.

Ken Hedberg News Columns and Speeches
Visions Prior Lake American April 18, 2016
Prior Lake Heritage Prior Lake American Feb. 8, 2016
No More Kicking the Can Down the Road Prior Lake American June 13, 2015
It's TIme to Invest in Prior Lake PLA/Wavelength May 2, 2015
SMSC Cooperative Agreement II Prior Lake American March 13, 2015
SMSC Cooperative Agreement Prior Lake American Jan. 24, 2015
Change is Coming Every Day Prior Lake American Sept. 2, 2014
Flood Stories PLA/Wavelength July 8, 2014
Downtown Investments PLA/Wavelength Feb/March '14
2013 in Review PLA/Wavelength Jan. '14
How Does Your City Government Work for You? Prior Lake American Dec. '13
Summer Construction Projects PLA/Wavelength July '13
Prior Lake's Economic Development Future Prior Lake American May '13
Cliché but True: Our City is Strong PLA/Wavelength March '13
A Great Foundation for Civic Pride PLA/Wavelength Jan. '13

For more information about the City Council, or to obtain information about upcoming municipal elections, call the city at (952) 447-9800.