City of Prior Lake, MN
City of Prior Lake, MN

Neighborhood/Natural Parks

If you live in Prior Lake, chances are good there's a neighborhood park not too far away. Community parks like Lakefront, the Ponds, Ryan and Memorial get a lot of attention, but residents love their smaller parks. In the Prior Lake park and trail system, there are 38 neighborhood parks with assorted amenities such as picnic shelters, ball fields, play equipment, trails and basketball courts. There are also several natural and undeveloped parks, where outdoor enthusiasts can go to get away amid the wonders of nature.

To the right is a list of all the non-community parks in the Prior Lake system. Click on the name of the park to learn more about its designation, its amenities and how to find it.

To find your way around the many parks and trails in Prior Lake, click the Park & Trail Map for a PDF of every trail and every park. Click Park Offerings for a PDF showing each park's amenities.

Fishing in the Neighborhood (FIN) Program
Little Prior Lake, nestled near the entrance to Lakefront Park, is stocked each year with northerns, bass, sunfish and crappies, as is Hickory Shores Park at Crystal Lake. These parks, along with Grainwood Crossing and Sand Point Beach, allow dock and shore fishing. You can also shore fish at Crystal Lake Park. Grab your pole and try your luck.

Dogs and cats must be restrained on a leash no longer than six feet at all times to be in any park legally (with the exception of seeing-eye dogs and police dogs). Pet owners are liable for any action or damage caused by a pet. Pet owners must also have tools or equipment for prompt removal of feces. No dogs or cats are permitted on beach areas, nature center areas, park buildings, skating rinks, nor any athletic field.

View the Memorial Tree and Bench Program explaining the specifics of the program. For more information, call (952) 447-9822.