City of Prior Lake, MN
City of Prior Lake, MN

The Businesses Residents Want in Prior Lake

Over 300 people attended the Mayor's June Town Hall, but nobody left their house. This virtual Town Hall topic was on businesses in Prior Lake, how to attract them and keep them. Residents were able to "join the conversation" while having coffee on their deck, watching kids at the playground or at work.

 To start the conversation, Mayor Briggs interviewed several businesses about what brought them to Prior Lake and what advice do they have for businesses considering Prior lake for a location. During the short videos that were posted on social media, the mayor invited people to comment on what businesses they would like to see.

Over 250 people responded to a short five question survey, another 70 joined the conversation on social media and the video were viewed by more than 530 people. Over 70% of the respondents loved or liked this form of Town Hall

You can watch the virtual Town Hall to hear what businesses residents wanted most. Community Development Director Casey McCabe and the Mayor also talk about ways to attract new businesses and how to keep current businesses in Prior Lake.

If you have suggestions for future Town Halls or feedback on the virtual town hall concept, we’d love to hear from you on FacebookTwitter, Instagram and Nextdoor. If you missed the Mayor’s interviews with the businesses, you can watch the videos on our YouTube channel.