City of Prior Lake, MN
City of Prior Lake, MN

Springtime Lake Levels Update April 18

Important messages for today:
•    Recent precipitation caused minor lake level increases
•    Lake levels will start to decrease again if the forecast for mostly dry weather is accurate
•    City public works staff has installed “Save Our Shores” signs at public boat launches; Slow No-Wake condition may occur soon, but it will depend on future precipitation
•    The City’s response to high water levels and flooding concerns will continue to be in accordance with its Flood Response Policy
•    Keep an eye on the City and PLSLWD websites for updates

The City of Prior Lake, in accordance with its Flood Response Policy, has already initiated several flood response measures this year to address high water levels on Spring Lake and Prior Lake. Both lakes remain high due to the recent spring snowmelt event and spring rains. Fluctuating Lake levels can be expected as we see new precipitation work its way through the Spring Lake/Prior Lake system. The City remains prepared to initiate and deactivate flood response measures as lake levels change and pass certain trigger points. Water continues to leave the system through the Prior Lake Outlet Channel. Lake levels can be found on the Prior Lake-Spring Lake Watershed District (PLSLWD) website.

City public works staff has installed the “Save Our Shores” signs at our three public boat launches on Spring Lake and Prior Lake. Boaters are asked to voluntarily travel at slow no-wake speeds as shoreline damage from waves can be severe even when water levels are below mandatory slow no-wake levels. If lake levels increase and a slow no-wake condition is triggered, the City will post an update on its website and change the signs at all launches.

City of Prior Lake and PLSLWD staff continue to monitor local conditions, including precipitation, forecasted weather, and lake levels, to assess flooding risk.