City of Prior Lake, MN
City of Prior Lake, MN

Prior Lake Level Update

Important messages for today:
• Prior Lake level is currently about 903.1
• The Prior Lake-Spring Lake Watershed District (PLSLWD) has temporarily closed the Prior Lake Outlet Structure to perform downstream maintenance; more information about the maintenance project can be found on the PLSLWD website
• The City has initiated a response to high water levels and flooding concerns in accordance with its Flood Response Policy

Continued above-average precipitation in our area combined with a PLSLWD maintenance project that includes closing the Prior Lake Outlet Structure has resulted in high lake levels on Prior Lake. Spring Lake levels are not currently cause for concern. Prior Lake has risen about 5 inches over the past two and a half weeks, corresponding with the outlet closure.

City staff, in accordance with the City Flood Response Policy, have initiated flood response measures to address the current high water levels on Prior Lake. Although water is unable to leave the system through the Prior Lake Outlet Structure as it normally does, the PLSLWD is monitoring the lake level situation and will be opening the outlet again starting on Monday, October 28th. PLSLWD will also be opening the low-flow gate on the Prior Lake Outlet Structure in an attempt to lower the lake in anticipation of spring flooding. Contact the PLSLWD for more information about lake level monitoring and the operation of the Prior Lake Outlet Structure.

Facts about the wet weather we’ve been experiencing:

• Our average annual precipitation is 32.8 inches
• We have already recorded 39.9 inches of precipitation this year, making this the second wettest year in the last 10 (2016 was wetter with 40.5 inches – likely to surpass that total later this year)
• The last 8 years have all seen above-average precipitation (and 9 of the last 10)
• We are currently 10.4 inches above the average rainfall for this time of year, and 9.1 inches ahead of where we were by this time last year

City of Prior Lake and PLSLWD staff continue to monitor local conditions, including precipitation, forecasted weather, and lake levels, to assess flooding risk.