City of Prior Lake, MN
City of Prior Lake, MN

Portions of 13-21 Project Moving Forward into 2020

The significant demand for construction work, coupled with an industry  worker shortage, has reduced bidder availability for the Moving Forward 13-21 Downtown Reconstruction Project. Because of this, the bidding window for the project was extended, and the scoped construction schedule was modified to invite partial completion in 2019.

Although we will not have full information until the bids are received, we anticipate the following possible changes:

  1. Work may begin later this summer or early fall
  2. Partial completion of specific segments in 2019, with full completion in 2020, is possible

The plan and design for the project remain unchanged. The Project Management Team remains committed to build a quality, cost-effective, and timely project.

Stay informed

The project team will share more information as soon as the bidding period closes in early July. Please bookmark the project website and sign up for email updates to receive the most up to date information when it becomes available.

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