City of Prior Lake, MN
City of Prior Lake, MN

Council Candidates Record Campaign Messages

This year city candidates on the Prior Lake ballot had the opportunity to record a three-minute, unedited, on-camera message to the voters for a program called “Meet Your Local Candidates”, which can viewed in a variety of locations beginning Oct. 7.

  1. The City YouTube channel: City YouTube channel
  2. The City web streaming page:
  3. Mediacom channel 808
  4. Nuvera channel 15

(The City Council Candidate Forum hosted by the Prior Lake Chamber of Commerce is also available at these media outlets)

This is an opportunity for voters to hear directly from candidates. The messages are simple “door-knocking” speeches. Candidates speak straight through their message without editing, for up to three minutes. The candidate’s name and the office he or she is seeking will be shown at the bottom of the screen, along with a preferred single source for more information, such as a website address, if desired.

The candidate is allowed to do several “takes” during a 10-minute recording session. The candidate may view the takes and choose one. No other video or props are allowed, and no editing will be done to the candidate’s chosen remarks.    Kirt Briggs and David Bryant chose not to participate.