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Private Street Information

A private street utility surcharge is being considered to offset the cost of replacing private roadway when the public utilities underneath need to be replaced. An informational flyer was sent to impacted residents in late July, 2020. The information flyer and some follow-up FAQs are provided below.

Private Street Utility Surcharge FAQs

How often will I have to pay this $40 surcharge?
The surcharge will be added as a separate line item to your bi-monthly utility bill, so you will be charged six times a year for a total of $240 per year.

How many other properties will be paying this surcharge?
About 1670 properties are on private streets with public utilities underneath.

Will there be public meetings where I can voice my opinion and learn more? Yes, a public hearing will be held as part of the City Council meeting on November 2, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. This fee will be considered as part of the adoption of the annual Fee Schedule.

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Private Street Utility Surcharge Informational Flyer