City of Prior Lake, MN
City of Prior Lake, MN

Water Treatment and Storage Facility


Prior Lake Water Treatment and Storage Facility
16335 Itasca Ave. S.E.
Prior Lake, MN 55372


Water Foreman
Andy Stephes
  (952) 447-9894

After Hours Emergency
  (952) 445-1411


Public Works Design Manual - Section 3

MS4 Education Plan

Local Surface Water Management Plan

Wellhead Protection Program

Water Treatment Facility

The City of Prior Lake Water Treatment Facility (WTF) has been operational since 2009, removing iron and manganese from the water system. When run at full capacity, the facility can treat 7.5 million gallons per day. Click: How does it work?

The facility provides garage space for water-related equipment and adds 1.5 million gallons to the City’s water storage system. The facility is connected to all but one of the City’s wells and will help to reduce brown water episodes. Click here for the Notice to Municipal Water Customers flier.

The facility does not soften water. Water hardness is measured by the amount of calcium and magnesium in the water. The facility is removing iron and manganese from the City's water supply; therefore, the hardness will not be reduced. Visit the Drinking Water Supply website for the total hardness of the water, as shown in the annual Drinking Water Report. You should use those numbers to set your home softener. However, water softeners typically remove some iron naturally, and since iron is removed at the facility, home water softeners should run more efficiently (less salt used to get the same results).

This six minute video walkthrough also explains the many functions of Prior Lake's Water Treatment Facility.

For more information, contact the Prior Lake Public Works Department at (952) 447-9800.